Garmin and Stress Part #1

I have three different tools for measuring stress currently:

Elite HRV

Garmin Fenix 5

Oura Ring (see post on Oura Ring)

Looking at the Garmin Mobile Connect app for a particular day. In this case, a Wednesday (Mid-Work Week) . We see that Stress starts at 8AM continues up to 8PM. The score of 28 across other days seems to be consistent.

Since I usually exercise in the morning, this shows the initial HIGH stress in the morning. The relatively high stress continues with the last peak just after 12pm.

What’s important to observe also is the proportion of Stress/Rest. With stress spread over a 12 hour period and sleep/rest over 12 hours, we can see a good balance.

With any monitoring effort, alerts/notifications/API triggers are critical to ensure that the boundaries and thresholds you are establishing are staying consistent. Tools like IFTTT, ZAPIER and ZENOBASE might provide just resources to alerting when boundaries are broken due to overtraining or more stress.